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The Mini-BRUTE windmill.
Earth Tubes for home, shop, or greenhouse.

Renewable, Green Energy is free forever once installed!
Why the Mini BRUTE windmill? We designed and built the Big Brute and Mini Brute windmills.

We are not currently producing windmills for sale.

The Mini-BRUTE windmill converts wind energy to heat, lights and hot water anywhere the wind blows. Optionally, you may charge batteries and provide utility grade electricity for your home or charge your electric car . The Mini-BRUTE needs no grid, no utility company and no permits. It has no connection to existing home wiring. Installation is available. The windmill comes with a 40' cable winch, tilt-down tower, (includes guy wires) and instructions.
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Frequently asked questions about windmills:

What about windmills with less than 3kw output? ... Small windmills are a swindle!” - Low Tech Magazine 2009

What does crane service cost? Crane service typically costs more than $1,000 each time they set the crane up. Our windmills need no crane service.

Is storing energy viable? Yes. If you are lucky enough to have windpower (a cheap source of energy) it makes sense to store excess energy for use later. This is commonly done by battery bank and inverter for an off-grid situation. It is cheaper and more cost-effective to store wind energy as BTU's of hot water. This serves both for domestic use (baths, dishes, showers, etc) and for home / shop heat. Stored BTU's of hot water can be easily changed into BTU's of hot air for an existing furnace.

Will I have to get an electrical permit to use my Mini-BRUTE? No

Wind Turbines and Earthtubes qualify for a 30% FEDERAL TAX CREDIT.
Ask your Tax Professional, we don't give tax advice. MTpropertytaxexemption>>

Federal Tax Credit:

Low cost Earth Tubes provide about 50 degree F. air at all times for your home, shop, or greenhouse.
No fluids, no antifreeze, no chemicals, no drilling. Just buried tubes with air in them.

Earth Tubes have recorded co-efficiencies of performance (COP) of over 20! Four times better than the best heat pumps!

Sketch of an earthtubes layout for a home.
Earthtubes (Earth Tube Heat Exchanger) being installed at a school in Virginia.
This Canadian building reports CDN $51,687/year in cost savings directly from Earth Tubes.

Earth Tubes are simply tubes buried in your yard that provide very low cost pre-conditioned air for heating and cooling. The Earth acts as a big thermal battery and keeps the tubes at around 50 degrees F. Air from these tubes is circulated through your furnace and structure or just blown into a greenhouse. Properly designed and operated, the Earth Tube System will not raise or lower the ground temperature around your tubes and can not have a mold or fungal problem.
Expensive fluid-type geothermal systems ( know as “Geothermal”, Geothermal Heat Pumps, or “Ground Source Heat Pumps” ) require drilling, ( a well drilling machine and crew ) pumps (electricity) anti-freeze solution, and mechanical heat exchangers. Installed, they typically cost $30,000.
We offer the same geo-thermal benefit, without the cost. Follow the links to a Federal Tax Credit of 30% (good till 2016).

Earth Tube heat Exchangers (ETHE) have a proven history in the USA. In one case a man from Nebraska, Russ Finch, heated his house, his shop and his greenhouse with this method for 30 years. It was dirt cheap to install and cut his energy costs to virtually nothing. He profitably raised over 100 types of plants and fruits, including bananas mostly with this earth heat (about 50 degrees). The USDA confirmed there was no mold or fungus present after 25 years. Read about Earth Tubes here:
Earth Tubes heat home, shop and greenhouse. See also on You Tube: Citrus in the Snow . Read about another home and greenhouse that used earth tubes for 25 years. They claim $0 spent on fuel for heat during the period.

Windpower Montana LLC can deliver an Earth Tube Heat Exchanger System for you
or we can help you build your own...

For rural applications a closed loop, sealed system: Ideal for heating shop buildings, greenhouses, etc:
Low powered fans automatically provide air from the earth tubes until the building temperature reaches 50 degrees.
For home use the 50 degree air is made available to your existing furnace substantially lowering heating costs while providing virtually free air conditioning.

1) (DIY) You install . Got your own backhoe? We provide you with the plans for your specific installation ( important due to soil conditions, etc ) including digging instructions, tube type and layout, inlet and outlet enclosures, fan type and requirements. You do the digging and installation to provide Earth Tube Heat and Cooling for your building.
2) We install. We do a complete install as above. We install a minimum of 8 feet deep. Guaranteed against mold as long as the system is in use.
Price $ depends on building size, soil type and location.
Email us from the link below with questions on an inexpensive Earth Tube system for your home.
We are engineers, machinists, and professional installers. Contact us anytime.

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